Intens Communication and Advertising: 25 years full service and creative

Since its flying start in August 1995, Intens Communication and Advertising has been a full service agency for advertising and communication advice, with a no nonsense mentality. One of the founders, Ad Guldemeester, says: "In the glory days of the agency world, we built Intens. The great thing is, we still work with some of the customers from the very beginning."

Gigantic development

Over the years, the communication profession has changed, among other things due to the enormous development of various media channels through which a message can be presented. "Intens has gone along with this development. To this day, the agency serves some 35 regular clients, mainly SMEs and SMEs+, with the most diverse issues in the field of identity development, creative concepts for campaigns and production of communication tools. For the latter, we work together with an extensive network of creative partners."

Always customised

Intens works for and together with high-profile names and A-brands. Both nationally for e.g. Jaarbeurs, Jaguar Land Rover, Farmcamps and Babboe delivery bikes, and regionally for Amaris, Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Vathorst and SRO. At present, the team consists of a permanent group of eight employees, including strategists, designers and creative thinkers. "Together with the client, we are able to come up with suitable solutions for various communication issues, both online and offline. We are flexible in taking on various projects. Where necessary, we bring in trusted specialists from our network, so that we can always deliver customised work. As an agency, we are primarily called upon for conceptual creativity. The effect of everything we think up and create must be as measurable as possible. Clients are increasingly involved in the development of communication tools. With our compact team, we look forward to the future and the changes that are sure to come in our profession."

More than just a good idea.

Intens is an agency for communication, advertising and design. We have been independent for over 25 years, which means that 100% of our attention goes to our clients.

Our team consists of specialists in strategy, concept creation, design/DTP and production. All of them are crazy about the profession and have the same no-nonsense mentality. No endless reports and presentations. No broad consultations with too many people.

Just like in a good restaurant, you can look into our kitchen. Openness and transparency. In this way, customers can be an integral part of the development process.

Development of identity and design

Communication, strategy and concept

Design/dtp, supervision and production

Development of identity and design

A good building stands on a solid foundation. With our team of strategists and designers, we help startups and existing companies create the foundation for successful communication and business growth. This process often starts with writing a corporate story. Based on this, our designers develop a visual identity. As far as we are concerned, this is the basis for all further communication activities.

In short: at Intens we develop or strengthen your brand identity, we design logos, corporate identities and means with which you can then communicate clearly.

Communication, strategy and concept

At Intens, we have in-house specialists in design, communication strategy and activation. This gives us central control of every project and enables us to develop creative communication concepts that really work. We always do this in close cooperation with our clients. We believe in co-creation and that means that we can just as easily take care of part of a project.

In short: at Intens we come up with creative concepts to get your message across to your target group. This can be both online and offline.

Design/dtp, supervision and production

Intens helps customers develop, design and produce all tactical communication tools. This often has to be done quickly within the guidelines of the brand, with the best quality, at the most competitive price. For many customers we manage the entire production process at an attractive rate.

In short: at Intens we build websites, make banners, videos, brochures, magazines, flyers and other means. We coordinate photo shoots, printing and other production of communication tools.


The North:
The Dock

Project Dok van Dronten is a joint development by Bouwsaam and Mateboer, both clients of Intens. The project consists of single-family houses and an apartment building, at a location where there is currently a business park. Intens developed the name and identity for the project and all necessary communication tools.

More information can be found at


Rolling out corporate identity

On behalf of Staatsbosbeheer, we at Intens are working on perfecting the newly developed corporate identity that is currently being rolled out. Part of the assignment is the DTP work and detailed development of all communication tools.

One of the great things about this assignment is the close partnership with Buitenplaats Groeneveld, one of the Forestry Commission's many beautiful locations. For this we designed a series of basic grids that serve as the foundation for the exposition of the entire corporate identity. In addition, we created illustrations. The development of social media templates is also part of the assignment. Currently, we are focusing on developing information boards and signage.

In summary, we are proud of our role within the Forestry Commission and the opportunity to be involved in the evolution of the corporate identity.


Folder design Buitenplaats Groeneveld.

Corporate film:
Cooperative Parking Service

Cooperatie Parkeerservice takes care of the ins and outs of everything to do with parking for medium-sized Dutch cities. There are now 14 of them, and 2024 is dedicated to the acquisition of new cities for cooperation.

With a good story, you have something to tell, which is why Intens produced a corporate film for Parking Service. The story was portrayed in a fun way in a minute and a half.



The Concertgebouw:
Program brochures

For The Concertgebouw Amsterdam we designed the new brochure for 2024 - 2025. This brochure features the latest concert series of The Concertgebouw's Own Programming. We have been designing the seasonal brochures every year since 2017. This contains all the fixed concert series and single concerts programmed by The Concertgebouw. A wonderful collaboration with The Concertgebouw.


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Logo, corporate identity and website design
Flex Studios

Vacant office buildings and other buildings not suitable for habitation. Throughout the Netherlands they can be found, much to the frustration of house seekers, but also of developers and property owners. Construction company A.Huurdeman came up with a smart concept to quickly and efficiently turn these locations into residential locations. Intens developed the logo, corporate identity and website for Flex Studios.

Flex Studios

Alzheimer's Netherlands:
Recruitment Campaign

Alzheimer Nederland works for a dementia-free future and a better life for people with dementia and their loved ones. Volunteers support people in the neighborhood. To recruit new volunteers, we developed the campaign concept: 'Start a career as a volunteer'. We then shaped various communication tools, such as posters, flyers, leaflet material, social media expressions and online animated banners.


Tiler on tour

Tiler's roots are in Delft, at TU Delft to be exact. Conceived by students and picked up by a bunch of good entrepreneurs, Tiler developed a sidewalk tile on which electric two-wheelers can be charged via a special charging stand. A great concept and a well-developed product were on the eve of launch when Intens got in touch with Tiler. With a limited budget, we conceived and developed Tiler on tour into a successful sales promotion campaign. The Tiler on tour team travels the country three times a week to approach companies directly with this revolutionary product to support the energy transition.



Bergenpark neighborhood:
Lots in Vathorst

Vathorst is the youngest district of Amersfoort, located on the north side of the city. Development company Vathorst (OBV) engaged Intens to create various communication materials. For the Laakse Tuinen project, we created sales support materials, including a magazine and construction signs.

The next subarea is currently under development: Bergenparkbuurt. For the development of the corporate identity, OBV again engaged Intens. Bergenparkbuurt was given a contemporary style by Intens. We then designed the sales brochure and other sales support materials.


Internal Campaign

Nobian is a European leader in the production of essential chemicals for industries ranging from construction and cleaning to pharmaceuticals and water treatment.

They asked us to devise an internal communications campaign to get employees to participate in a survey. The survey consists of questions about compensation, cooperation with others, engagement, communication, the workplace, safety and sustainability, among others.

We developed an idea, campaign image, a series of posters and flyers. The campaign will also be used via intranet and other digital channels to enthuse as many participants as possible. The campaign will be used in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.


Internal campaign.

Jaguar / Land Rover:
Dealer promotions and online campaigns

For Jaguar Land Rover Nederland, Intens is the permanent agency for all retail communication. The importer determines the guidelines for the communications in cooperation with Intens. In addition to the corporate identity monitoring, Intens supports the entire dealer organisation with promotions, new model introductions, events and keeping the corporate identity and sales-supporting materials up-to-date.

We also take care of the design, copy, layout and printing supervision of the Update magazine. This personalised magazine is periodically distributed door-to-door on behalf of every Dutch Jaguar Land Rover dealer.


Land Rover communication Intense

Spaarne Gasthuis
'Together we make better decisions'

In recent years we have been working for more and more clients in healthcare. This includes the Spaarne Gasthuis. We went to work for both internal and external campaigns. We designed the magazine 'With us'. A magazine for the employees of the Spaarne Gasthuis. It was published both online and in print. The central theme was: 'Together we make better decisions'. We took care of the design and dtp and also illustrated a series of informative icons. We also took care of the final editing. For more cases or information about our projects in the healthcare sector, please contact us.


Spaarne Hospital. Magazine design and dtp.

Victor Kammeraat:
Corporate design

Victor Kammeraat, an old acquaintance. As sales director at Jaguar Land Rover for over 40 years, Victor was also an important contact for Intens. July 2023 was when Victor registered with the Chamber of Commerce as a business coach, speaker, Reiki & Shin Do master. Victor now uses the years of experience to train and coach companies and individuals.

Intens developed an appropriate corporate identity and design for various communication tools with which Victor Kammeraat can actively market.


Business card Victor Kammeraat.

Spaarne Gasthuis and regional general practitioners: Campaign

Emergency rooms, such as GP surgeries and hospital emergency rooms, are intended exclusively for emergencies. Many people are not aware of this, or do not realise that "unauthorised" visits create additional workload for emergency department doctors on duty.

Intens developed a campaign commissioned by Spaarne Gasthuis and the regional umbrella organisation of general practitioners. With the campaign, we make people think and refer to obtaining online and telephone information before visiting the emergency centre.


Nature farm the Brinkhorst:
Pluk de Dag

Nature farm de Brinkhorst is looking for volunteers who want to roll up their sleeves in the beautiful picking and kitchen garden. Green heroes who know how to get to work, are not averse to getting black edges under their nails and love working outside in a pleasant atmosphere.

For this, Intens developed a colorful campaign with its very own illustrative style.

This recruitment campaign includes various online and offline resources, such as social media expressions, flyers and posters.


Pluk de Dag. Illustrations Intens communications.

Leerhotel Het Klooster:
New corporate identity

Under its own name Novice, Leerhotel Het Klooster in Amersfoort reopened its restaurant based on the 'Dutch Cuisine Concept'. In this unique place, students of various learning levels and study years train their practical skills. Learning by doing, while guests enjoy a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner.

Intens Communication and Advertising developed a completely new corporate identity for both the Leerhotel and restaurant Novice, as well as all the necessary communication tools. The contemporary look of the website and the interior is in line with the plans of the monastery for the coming years. The ambition of the Leerhotel is to be a leading conference centre with the core values of education, creation and connection.


Leerhotel Het Klooster logo design Intens

Staff Recruitment Campaign

Flexvak specializes in finding and training low-skilled candidates for various sectors. However, due to the extremely tight labor market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach candidates of the right quality. Intens developed a catchy campaign aimed at young people aged 16 to 24. The concept "train, work, stack" was developed in various means from print to radio and video for deployment on social media, online radio and cinema advertising.


Jaguar Land Rover Broekhuis:
Mailing 'Spring Buck'

Ahead of the delivery of their new car, customers of Jaguar Land Rover dealer Broekhuis are surprised with a beer package of their choice.

Intens created the "Spring Bock" mailing with a spring look and feel. A cheerful style applied to printed materials such as cards, stickers, beer mats and tissue paper in which the bottles are wrapped.
Supplemented by online reminders and a web page for passing on preferences; in short, a real total package.


Spring campaign. Intense Communications. Amersfoort.

The Amersfoort market:
Communication in the street scene

For the markets in the downtown and surrounding areas, Intens creates various communication tools. These include posters, flyers, crowd control banners, etc. This mainly involves announcing market moves. This way every market visitor knows where to find the market, even when the downtown area is temporarily rearranged. We take care of the design, elaboration, production and placement of the communication tools in close consultation with the Amersfoort market master.


Amersfoort communications Intens communications and advertising.

Luxury lodging at the farm

At Farmcamps you escape from the daily busy life to be together and enjoy life on the farm! You stay with friends, family or colleagues in luxury Safari tents, Farm tents, Lodgetents or Barntents. When Farmcamps was founded, we designed the logo and associated corporate identity. We are now continuously developing various communication tools for Farmcamps at Intens. From the farmers passport to brochure material and various campaign materials, but also the signage at the campsites.


Farmcamps concept and design.

Kondor Wessels real estate project:

For KondorWessels Vastgoed, we created an identity and various communication tools for the IJgenwijs project. IJgenwijs is a sustainable housing complex on Centrumeiland, AmsterdamIJburg. Spacious flats, maisonettes and penthouses close to the beach. The magazine and the website bring the plans and the surroundings to life with stories from the architects, local residents, first registrants and even the local harbour master. Clear, appealing and (as it now turns out) surprisingly effective!


IJgenwijs, living on the IJ. Magazine.

Babboe cargo bikes:
Various communication tools

For more than 15 years Babboe has been making the daily lives of young families easier and more fun with the Babboe cargo bike. Intens has been working closely with Babboe bakfiets for more than 10 years.

We handle the design of complete stationary, product leaflets, assembly and user manuals, among other things. We also create the annual product catalog, worked on an online magazine and on various online banner campaigns and material for trade fairs. Both for the Netherlands and for the international market. For example, we made various materials for the 'Cycling World Messe', 'World of E-Mobily' and for the stand at the Negenmaandenbeurs.


Stand construction Babboe cargo bike, promotional materials.


We work for:


Gertus Wessels
art direction / concept
Sanne Koekenbier
design / dtp / traffic
Rosalie Kibbeling
design / dtp / illustration
Brenda Busstra-Smink
design / dtp
Nicolien Guldemeester
office management
Thomas Borkent
web development / ux design
Sven Alkema
motion graphic design / animator
Partners and freelancers

The number of communication options has grown enormously. Our compact core team devises concepts and supervises projects from sketch to completion. During implementation, we call in specialists from our network where necessary. And we like to expand that network with good partners. Interested in an introduction? Send an email to